5 Most common business cards mistakes

by ryanj on February 4, 2018


5 Most common business cards mistakes


Business cards are one of the most powerful marketing elements. That’s why we need to pay more attention to business cards templates. When people design cards they look at them very indifferently and that’s why make a lot of mistakes. These mistakes not only reduce power of them, but also can make negative effect. In this article I will try to present most common mistakes.

1. Poor quality paper

When people take business card, firstly they feel paper quality. Taking card made from bad quality paper immediately indispose us to make bad opinion about card owner. It means that this card is worthless and probably will be thrown and in this way you will lose money which have you spent designing and printing your card.

2. Too crowded

It is second quite big mistake. They want to put everything in this small piece of paper. Too much graphic elements, logos, colors can make your card look frivolously. Also graphic elements aren’t only problem. I have seen few business cards with so small font size that in fact I couldn’t read any of 20 phone numbers. I am not joking. That card was filled with a lot of phone numbers, email addresses, and other information. Try to avoid this mistake. I recommend not using font size less than 11 points. Also don’t use any exotic font styles. It’s hard to read them. Do not put too much information.

3. Respect your card

Don’t forget to take care of your card. I recommend buying stylish business card case. It would keep your cards fresh and avoid from rumpling. Nobody want to get ugly card. Always keep cards in card case. When you get one from somebody also put it to card case, but don’t hurry to do that. Pay some attention and show some interest to his business card.

4. Having only 1 card

I have seen few cards which present 2 or 3 different business types. I recommend never doing this mistake. If you own few types of business then make different cards for each of them.

5. The biggest mistake

I think the biggest mistake is when person own his business but don’t use his business cards. Sometime they even don’t have any business cards. It is big mistake which cost a lot. When I meet interesting person and maybe potential business partner I expect to have his contacts that I could reach him. Imagine how many deals you can lose for this mistake.

Companies spend thousand for marketing and I think it isn’t smart to reject one of the most powerful but quite cheap marketing element. Don’t forget these 5 most common business cards templates mistakes and avoid them.


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