Are a Personal Card and Professional Card Necessary

by ryanj on November 24, 2016


Are a Personal Card and Professional Card Necessary?


If you are regularly networking then you probably have a stack of your business cards in your wallet. But what type of business card do you have; is it a business card that your employer printed for you or a personal business card that you had designed and printed yourself? If you carry your business card it may be the card that your employer printed for you because you didn’t really see the need for a personal card.

Or maybe you carry a personal card only because your employer didn’t provide business cards. Whichever type of business card you carry you may find that there are benefits to carrying both.

The first type of card we’ll talk about is the professional business card; your employer likely had this printed for you with the company’s logo and your official title on it.

If you are attending an event to network or for any other purposes on behalf of your company you should be handing out your business card. This will let new contacts know who you are working with and give them a point of reference to start researching your company. This is especially true if you work for a large company with a recognizable name printed on the business card.

If you do freelance work or have side projects aside from your day job then you should certainly have a personal business card created and printed on your own. When you are networking for this aspect of your life it is a great idea to have your name and contact information front and center. Your personal card will give contacts interested in your personal projects a way to contact you without having to go through the channels of your day job. Your personal card will also give you an opportunity to express the creativity that your professional business card may lack.

Business Card Templates:







It is a great idea to have both types of cards on hand at all times because you never know who you may meet that could be a potential contact. Make sure you distribute your cards with discretion and try to choose the most appropriate card for the situation that you are in. If you will be designing your personal card consider working with a professional graphic designer if you don’t have design experience and make sure they are sent to a professional business card printer to ensure that you are exuding the most professionalism.


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