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by ryanj on June 14, 2017


Business Card Printing Can Make The Most Of An Opportunity


If youre in business, youve been handed business cards. Chances are good that you have a stack of other peoples business cards sitting in a drawer or somewhere near your desk. If you receive a lot of business cards, you may have a special binder, or even a business card scanner that digitizes the business card information. Sitting somewhere in this stack of business cards – which you swear you never look at – an opportunity is waiting for you. If nothing else, you have a catalog of business card designs.

Get Serious About Your Business Cards

Take your business card stack and add your own business card to the pile. Now spread out all of the business cards in some order – the standard rows and columns will work just fine. Scan the collection of cards and pick out the five or six cards that catch your eye. Is your business card among them?

Look at the cards you did pick. Why did these cards stand out? Was it the color? The business card design? The business card printing? The shape of the business card? Chances are good that the standouts were the most unique business cards in your collection. Of the standouts you chose, how many of them are plain white cards with black small black printing? Probably not many.

(Not any?)

Spread out your standout business cards and put your own business card in the standouts pile, if its not already there. How does your business card compare to the most unique business cards in your collection? If your card doesnt compare favorably, then you probably have some work to do.

Bring all of the cards back together for one last demonstration. Once you have them arranged, flip them over. Set aside any business card that has printing on the back.

Decide for yourself whether handwriting counts as printing. (I think it should, and Ill tell you why in a moment.) For all of the business cards without printing on the back, can you tell whose card is whose when you have the card flipped over? The texture of the card might give you a clue, but for the most part, probably not.

How many business cards in your collection had printing on the back? If the answer is not many you should see this as an opportunity to make your business card stand out some more. Printing on the back can be simple, but it can distinguish your card from others in someone elses stack. Handwriting, though informal and in some cases, probably a bit messy, accomplishes the same thing.






Your prospect can find your card, whether s/hes looking at it from the front or the back. Your business card design should make the most of both sides of your card.

You can provide information about product lines, additional contact information, business hours, a photograph or logo – whatever you want. Use good business card design to make your card stand out, no matter how it ends up in someone elses stack.


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