Business Card Themes

by ryanj on February 23, 2017


Popular Business Card Themes


Depending on the type of business you are in there are many popular business card themes to choose from. Realtors tend to choose backgrounds that feature exquisite homes or beach front properties, people in finance usually stick with a plain white background and black block letter text while people in marketing and advertising add more color and graphics to their business cards.

Perhaps the most popular business card theme is also the most simple: plain white card stock with black or blue text. Easy to read, straightforward and direct the plain white background with color text is a simple yet effective way to present your business information. Many people in different industries opt for this pure looking card because it doesn’t have confusing text or distracting colors and graphics. Crisp, clean and right to the point this popular business card theme is best for people who are serious about their business.

Business card themes that feature images

As more business is done on a global scale many people are choosing business card themes that feature images of the earth. This popular theme is used by many different businesses including technology, communications, marketing and manufacturing that conduct their business on a worldwide level. Images of the globe in different colors have become very popular of late and these powerful graphics create a feeling of inter-connectedness or networking.

Another popular business card theme that is often used by realtors, mortgage brokers and insurance reps is photo cards. With these cards you can add a photo of yourself and have it appear in one of the four corners of the card front. This is a popular feature for people who like to get their name and likeness out to potential customers and to essentially market themselves along with their business or service.


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