Business Cards for Artists

by ryanj on April 1, 2017


Business Cards for Artists & Templates


A lot of artists rely on the shows that they hold to get their names and work out into the broad public spectrum.

They network with various art enthusiasts, collectors and other artists, but how do they exchange detailed contact info without fumbling for numbers and other contact info for potential investors. That’s where your artist / designer business card comes in. It is a wonderful way to exchange info with people on a mass level,

The most important factor when considering your artist or designer business card is understanding what the business card is going to be a representing. Do you want to show off your style, keep it professional or make your card a bit more down to earth?

What kind of work are you trying to get?

If private commissioned work is what you are looking for, your business card should be of a sturdier stock and have well-written copy about your business and custom artistry. This way, you can showcase your talents, but still convey a very strong sense of business prowess and professionalism, which is a power that will be incredibly useful in the field.

Finally, make your art or design work the centerpiece of the business card as the background or even an entire side of a two sided business card. This work is tantamount to your profession, so showing it off on a business card gives you a place to showcase your talent without needing to force people to look at your work.

A lot of people forget that customers love to hold your work in their hands so that they can talk to their friends about “how awesome that last I went to last night” and give them the business card as an example. The card is an extension of you and your creative work – so give future customers something to remember you by.


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