Business Cards for Your Music Business

by ryanj on February 13, 2017


Business Cards for Your Music Business


The music industry is one of the most competitive business sectors in the market today. Although record sales pale in comparison to where they have been earlier in the 2000s, live music is still an incredibly successful field.


Disc jockeys are still hot when it comes to live events like weddings, school dances, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, grand openings, anniversary parties and other large events. For this reason, it is crucial that every disc jockey, karaoke host and MC needs to have a business card to give out to potential clients at these events.

Every time a DJ performs at a gig, they are representing a business, whether or not it’s a large company or a solo operation. The business cards are an essential way to network with potential clients for yourself and possible leads for your company. Make your business card a reflection of your music business brand.

Here are a few tips for designing your music business cards:

Keep your card simple and to the point. Don’t overload your card with every piece of info about your genres, skills, etc. If a business card is cluttered with graphics and text, it may be shrugged off by potential clients.

The design you choose should be a reflection of your musical style – if you spin techno and house music, pick colors that match with the aura of a nightclub. If you generally work weddings, use a light background with pictures of a bride and groom dancing. Use your music to influence the personality you represent on your business card.

Use a high quality stock – if you lose a low-grade, flimsy card, you may not get the serious attention that you deserve. In an industry where quality matters, make sure that your business card is of the utmost worth.

Put your social media information on your card. Your Facebook business page and Twitter user name can be a veritable treasure chest of new clients and leads. Build up your brand by showcasing your work online.





Business cards are imperative in the music industry, so make sure that your brand stands out as the best with high-quality, well-designed music business cards.



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