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by ryanj on February 4, 2018


Business Cards Templates Elements & Sample Templates


Here I will discuss what information business card template should contain. It is important to know what information there should be, how it can be used.

Name of company – this is element which all business cards templates should contain. Without it people would not identify your company.

Logo of company – this element is also important. It is like company signature.

Addresses – there is two types of addresses. There can be mailing and physical addresses. Usually they are the same. But sometime can be written only mailing address. It can happen when it is online business.

Phone Number – it can help to your clients to contact with you. Usually we can business cards templates gives opportunity to add few phone numbers. At those spots you can put fax, your personal phone number, your office phone number. I don’t recommend putting your personal phone number on all business cards, because you can to huge variety of people and it isn’t good when all people have your personal phone number.

Web Page Address – this element gives one more opportunity to present your product or services. People can visit it and find information which need. For example they can search for your company working hours, product catalog.

Email Address – this element is especially important to online business, because in common cases it is only one way to contact with seller.

Description – business cards templates recommend inserting short description of your company. But that isn’t so important. All depends on you. If you want to add then add. But you have to have in mind that too crowded card look unpleasant.

Also you can add name of your position in that company. It helps to identify whose card and contact you have. Also this element helps to avoid from questions which is not from your sphere. For example person has your business card with email. He wants to ask about discounts and delivery services and send you email. You in that company work as marketing specialist and don’t know answer to that question. Inserting your position helps to avoid wrong questions and in this way saves your time.

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