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by ryanj on February 27, 2017


Is There Movement Towards Digital Business Cards?


Business cards are a true staple of the business world and are an extremely effective way to brand your company and keep in touch with the appropriate people. Rolodexes have been filled with these cards for years and it doesn’t look like

There are currently a few different digital business card services that are looking to change that. One of the main ways to digitize your business cards is with card scanners.

In short, these scanners can effectively scan and recognize text from your business cards and convert the information into Vcard or Address Book files for your contacts’ information. However, this article says that there are two drawbacks: the manual processing and incorrect conversion. Placing each card through the scanner is too time-consuming and almost every output file requires some type of correction because the scan didn’t read the text quite right.

Currently, a few companies are trying out some new ideas that are totally digital – for instance, one company named BlueCube has begun allowing customers to send business cards directly through text messages to other cell phones.

With smart phone capabilities, there can be images and designs like normal business cards, but the card is an image that can be read like a Vcard. One of the drawbacks to this service is the potential failure of your phone

– if for any reason your phone stops working, you’ll need to add all of your contacts over again, so the process becomes tedious all over again.

These digital options are actually pretty nifty, particularly if they can be added directly to address books without a lot of effort. For my money though, there is nothing better than an old fashioned paper business card. Handing someone a regular business card will always make good business sense and add value to the company that you represent.


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