Elements Of Business Card Design

by ryanj on June 20, 2017


Key Elements Of Business Card Designs


You want your business cards to stand out from the crowd, so the key to making this happen is solid business card design. There are a number of ways you can create unique, memorable business cards using color, materials, photography and graphics, and basic design.


Making Your Business Card Stand Out

Contrary to reports you may have read recently, the business card is far from dead. What may be falling to the wayside is plain, boring, stodgy business card design. Business cards need to do a little more these days than supply contact information. They need to engage the person whos holding them and give them an idea of what working with your company will be like.

Cheap business cards arent going to get you very far. You can go on the Web and find business card printers that will give you a number of free business cards. Be careful because you get what you pay for.

To make an impression with your business card, you need to make sure that youre getting your cards printed on good stock. The heavier the paper stock, the more impressive your business cards will be. Business cards from free business card printing companies usually arent printed on business-card quality stock. Instead, you get lighter-weight paper thats of minimal quality.

What does it matter if its free? Plenty! The weight of the paper is what keeps the paper flat. For large pieces of paper, you can afford to use lighter paper weights because the paper will still stay flat on the table. As you reduce the size of the paper, (as you would if youre talking about business cards) the smaller the paper, the harder it is for the paper to remain flat on the table. The result? Business cards that are printed on lightweight paper tend to curl. Exposure to varying humidity levels will also curl the paper your business card is printed on. That doesnt leave a good impression on your prospects!

Second, free business cards often have an advertisement for the printer right on the back of the card. Your business card becomes as much a free advertisement for the business card printer as it does for your business. That also sends a message to your prospects: your business isnt big enough to pay for standard business card printing. When a prospect is trying to determine who gets their business, free business cards might lead your prospects to think that your business may not be financially stable. Thats also not a good message to send!






Instead, take your business card printing needs to a professional business card printer that can offer you a number of options, including metal business cards, plastic business cards and unique business cards made from exciting business card templates. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


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