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by ryanj on June 25, 2017


Eye-Catching Business Card Designs


Two New York City drug dealers whom police say had more than 200 regular customers, were arrested this month after police tracked the pair down in an unusual way. Police were tipped off to the ring, which was operating in Manhattan, after discovering the pairs full-color business cards paper clipped to the inside pages of a copy of the New York Post.

The dealers solicited customers outside a New York University dorm by distributing two different business card designs, and even offered to deliver drugs to their customers. When they were arrested, the dealers had 16 grams of cocaine, 20 bags of marijuana and more than $2,200.

Business Cards Can Make Or Break A New Business

Eye-Catching Business Card Design Can Help Your Business Soar (Or Sink)!

To me, this episode indicates a few things worth noting. First, don’t advertise an illegal business. Ever.

When I set aside the obvious problem with the operation itself, and focus only on business card design, I still see some valuable lessons here for legitimate entrepreneurs who want to maximize their investment in their business cards.

Takeaway Number Two here is that business cards do get noticed. What was so noticeable about this pairs business cards, given that the cards never stated directly that these entrepreneurs had an illegal business going? The implied operation was obvious. The business cards, which came in two versions, included the Coca-Cola logo, which filled the card face, a phone number and business hours. The second version bore the words Purple Rain, Up In Smoke and a picture of a Jaguar, along with a phone number.

Takeaway Number Three is that the use of color in business card printing is important. The color red is an eye magnet, so the first version of the card would have been virtually impossible to ignore, even if the viewer was completely innocent of was really being offered for sale. The color purple, which dominated the second card, is also a good eye-catcher.

Takeaway Number Four is that minimal wording on a business card allows the card to speak for itself. The amount of information on the cards was minimal, but included contact phone numbers and the business hours. The term Coca Cola has an obvious connection to cocaine, and Purple Rain is a well-known slang term for marijuana. The image of the car implied that the dealers would deliver the product.

If you really want to pack your business card with more information, consider adding a quick response code to your card, as I discussed in the last post. This tool can help your interested prospects find your business and get more information about the products and services you offer.

In this case, the business card designs were somewhat crude, yet the designs employed enough of the right elements to get the business noticed. Theres nothing right about the illicit drug trade, and the dealers use of business cards is what ultimately undid their operation, but the case does illustrate the fact that the right business card designs in the right circumstances can indeed attract attention.










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