Innovative Designs for Your Business Card

by ryanj on February 15, 2017


Innovative Designs for Your Business Cards


Let’s face it: everyone with a legitimate business has a business card. In fact, a lot of people are having personal business cards made, even if they don’t really need one for any reason other than to give people their phone number or email. With the abundance of cards flooding the market, how can you make your business cards stand out?

It’s one thing to have a heavy stock, full-color, high-quality business card, but there are simple ways to really exemplify your brand and stick out from the rest of the professional pack. A few design ideas might include:

Use raised print to emboss your card’s text. Doing so will make your message stick out (literally!) and add to the overall quality of your card. Remember – the quality of your card is an extension of the quality of your business.

Go outside the norm – if you run a garage or a custom auto business, spring for silver metal business cards.

If your brokerage firm or gold-buying business is looking for a new card, get gold-plated metal business cards. They are the most intense type of card and will not be tossed away like normal paper business cards.

They will aid your image by adding to the integrity that you conduct your business with.

As with metal business cards, plastic business cards are just as indelible and will not be easily thrown away and forgotten. Use them to promote your business’s VIP coupon club or a customer loyalty program.

How about when business card ideas don’t just come organically?

How do you make the ideas come? Don’t be afraid to look at other examples of creative business cards on the web or at your next conference or business function. Sometimes the best (and most original) ideas can come from seeing what someone else has done with the branding of their business.

For instance, this article lists 100 of the most inventive business cards you will probably ever see.

Use these as a guide (don’t copy!) to help you on your way towards truly innovative business card design.


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