Keeping Up with Business Card Technology

by ryanj on November 22, 2016


Keeping Up with Business Card Technology


I know I have talked about the additions you can make to your business cards to make them more crucial to your potential clients and business associates before, but there are some elements that bear repeating. Normally, I would think that a person would put emphasis on the look and feel of their business cards, but the number of cards I see without decent designs or relevant information is slightly disheartening.

Many people have said that the business card as it stands is slowly dying, but that isn’t ringing true for others. Having a paper business card demands the kind of face-to-face connection that is needed in a lot of business arrangements. Luckily, if you like the idea of the electronic business card that is both paper and digital, you may be in luck.

According to Business Insider:

“What we really want is an instant data transfer. What we want is NFC (near-field communication). Essentially, the next generation of RFID, these tiny radio chips can be embedded in a business card or poster or you name it. When you wave your NFC-enabled smartphone (rumor says iPhone) near the chip, you will connect to the data. It should also enable us to pay for items with our “digital wallets,” a.k.a. our smartphones. NFC-enabled business cards would provide the best of both worlds. The paper card and all its beauty, along with the digital card’s ease of use and shareability.”

The first part of this article is primarily about QR codes, which I have discussed at length in the past, but this new development with embedded media is definitely a boon for the future of business cards as an industry. It is one thing to have your internet based information on your business – in fact, I recommend it – but you can speed up the process by having your card electronically link to those sites automatically. Just imagine the possibilities!

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