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by ryanj on June 19, 2017


Letterpress Business Cards: What’s The Difference?


If you’re looking to make a classic impression with your business cards (and who isn’t?) consider letterpress business cards as an option. Letterpress business cards are “classic” business cards that use an old-fashioned printing technique. More than that, they leave a timeless impression on colleagues and prospects alike that you simply won’t get with more modern laser print techniques.

Letterpress Leaves An Impression

Letterpress printing creates an “embossed” print on your business cards. In other words, the letters on your business cards are in a relief. The letterpress technique adds the texture you’re looking for to make your business cards stand out and help your prospect remember you.
In addition to using the letterpress technique, letterpress cards often feature distinctive shapes and cuts. Letterpress business cards may also feature letterpress designs and patterns that give the card a textured look and feel. Letterpress is often combined with other printing techniques to add color to a business card or stationery.

Does this approach make a difference? Letterpress business cards have a different look and feel. They’re definitely distinctive, especially if they have patterns or designs pressed into the card. One reason for the differentiation is that letterpress card stock must be heavier than standard stock in order to get a good letterpress effect. The weight of the card alone will distinguish it from other less expensive business cards.

Because heavier card stocks are used, letterpress business cards can be cut into custom shapes and sizes, and can also have distinctive patterns cut through the entire weight of the stock. In other words, you can have holes, geometric shapes and other mnemonics cut through the card. This may help you attach your card to your products or help you create memorable shapes, cutouts and punchouts on your business cards.














The real key is to end up with unique business cards that provide your contact information and connect you to your company. Unique business cards stand out in a crowd because of their color, their texture, a special shape or cut, or because they’re amusing or just plain unusual.

You may find that your business card isn’t stored in the prospect’s “stack” if your business card provides a clever shape, size or even a function. If letterpress business cards don’t appeal to you, we have plenty of other unique business card templates that will allow you and your business to rise to the top!


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