Modern Business Cards


More To Business Cards Than Meets The Eye


In todays business climate, many people are wondering whether they should eliminate business cards in favor of electronic e-cards.

In most cases, the answer is a resounding No!

A business card is more than a way to transmit information; its a physical reminder of a person with whom the holder has a connection. The connection, moreso than the information, is primary. I dont want to be misunderstood, here. The information on a business card is critically important. Just dont overlook the role of the business card design or business card printing.

The Physical Card Plays A Role, Too

When you manage an electronic file of your business contacts, you get ready access to a persons contact information. This can be good if youre typically on the move when you do business. If you accumulate a lot of business cards in your line of work, the impression of the person who handed you their card may be weak. Perhaps you encountered them at a meeting or trade show, where you didnt have a lot of time to spend with the cards owner.

Your connection to electronic contact information may be even weaker; you may not remember the person at all even as little as a month or two later. Worse, with electronic contact information, you may be tempted to collect a lot more contact information than you need, which clutters your contact file with a lot of useless information, but it also reduces the value of the contacts you do want to remember.

Having a physical business card to retain contact information enables you to better remember the person you encountered and the circumstances of your encounter, and preserve the value of the contact.

From the perspective of the person giving out a business card, do you want your contact information stored electronically?

Perhaps electronic contact information is acceptable, but dont you also want to give a physical reminder of your meeting?

Your contact is more likely to remember you and the circumstances of your contact if you provide your contact information on a tangible reminder, such as a business card.





Even better, distribute unique business cards and increase the value of your electronic contact information at the same time. Your prospect is more likely to remember you for your unique business cards, and will be better able to find you among the growing mass of low-value electronic contact information he or she is collecting.