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by ryanj on June 23, 2017


Is Your Business Card Design Losing Business?


The business card has become an absolute standard, no matter what kind of business you’re in. Good business card design helps your business card rise above the rest, something that’s very important when you’re trying to catch or retain the attention of a hot prospect, or when your competitors are also handing out their business cards – such as at trade shows, conventions and industry-specific meetings.

What Business Card Design Elements Should You Consider

There’s no science to business card design, but there sure is an awful lot of art to it! You want a business card that is memorable, stands out and makes the holder want to return to the card over and over again. In short, you’re aiming for unique business cards that leave a lasting impression.

One way in which you can accomplish this is through the use of color. Full color business cards are certainly standouts, since most business cards are printed on white or colored card stock and have a single color ink. Full color business cards will help the viewer identify your company’s name, your name and your contact information quickly and easily.

Full color business cards also enable you to print photographs and other images, another eye-catching element that will make your business card stand out. If you decide to include an image on your business card, be sure that the image you choose won’t interfere with the information you need to transmit. If you don’t want to print your contact information over the image, consider putting your business information on the back of the business card instead. Two-sided business cards are both effective and memorable.

One business card design tip your recipients will appreciate is this one: put your photograph on your full-color business cards. Prospects who don’t know you will have an easier time remembering your face and name if you include your photo on your business card. When you see the prospect or colleague again, they’ll be more likely to remember you and your company, as well as where they first encountered you.

Don’t forget to put alternate contact information on your business cards. This would include your company’s main number, an email address, your employer’s Web site, or your cell phone number. Your prospects will feel more comfortable contacting you if you provide a range of contact methods for them to choose from.

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business card iphone

In future posts, I’ll discuss additional business card design tips that will help your business cards stand out!


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