Spin to Success with DJ Business Cards

by ryanj on February 15, 2017


Spin to Success with DJ Business Cards


Get ready to be a star

No matter what kind of DJ you are, from a wedding DJ to a nightclub superstar, you need to constantly promote yourself to keep the gigs coming. While your music is going to be the # 1 selling point for brides, club owners and party planners you also need to have colorful and effective business cards to hand out to people who are interested in hiring you.

Very often a DJ will be approached while spinning at a wedding, private party or bar by someone interested in booking them for a gig and when you have a stack of high quality business cards in the booth it’s easy for people to get in touch with you.

At Professor Print we have a huge selection of DJ business card templates and designs that include fitting images including disco balls, headphones, nightclub settings and strobe lights to provide a striking background on which you can promote your DJ services. Be designing your business card with your style of DJ’ing in mind you can make it easy for event promoters and wedding planners to determine if you’re the right DJ for the job.

Some DJ’s spin tried and true classics while others experiment with the latest in electronic house music and when your card reflect the style you spin it’s easier to get bookings in places where you will be a solid fit.






Another reason to have is for promotional marketing. When you want to get the attention of a club promoter or radio playlist director you will probably send a sample or your skills on CD but you also need to give them a way to contact you should they like what they hear. With a professionally designed DJ business card you not only give the contact a way to reach you but also show that you take your business seriously. Also, when you’re in the middle of a gig and someone wants your contact info it’s much easier to hand them a card instead of halting your set to write down a phone number. Log on to Professor Print now and get started on designing creative DJ business cards that will work.


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