Technology in Action on Business Cards

by ryanj on November 23, 2016


Technology in Action on Business Cards


The simplicity of a business card is one of the reasons it has retained its value in the business world. No matter how many types of burgeoning technologies come out, the business card has maintained its role as the leader in business connections. This is even though people are connecting through social media and other sources on the internet. You can’t hand someone your website in person, right?

As I have mentioned before, Quick Response Codes, or QR codes, are becoming more and more essential in the business card landscape. The close sibling of bar codes, this square black and splotchy code can be scanned and lead new business associates to your brand’s online presence. According to the Northern Nevada Business Weekly, lots of professionals are using QR codes to great effect:

“For real estate brokerages [like Intero Real Estate Services], the decision to use QR codes is two-fold: It’s a cost-effective means of providing prospective homebuyers with instant information, as well as a way to remain on the forefront of an emerging technology.

Intero began using QR codes just over three months ago. The company’s codes contain an agent’s business card and a Web site link that displays the selling price and status of a home, as well as virtual tours of the property. Homebuyers with smart phones can see the inside of a home while standing curbside or sitting in their cars.”

Since the codes don’t take up too much room, all of the pertinent ‘standard’ contact info is still on the cards. The article also says that Intero saved money because the flyers they would have printed are simply linked to the QR codes as web pages. The realty agency has also begun to place these codes on for sale signs too. This works, especially when there isn’t an open house going on.

See if QR codes can work for you as well!

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