The Staying Power of Business Cards

by ryanj on April 17, 2017


The Staying Power of Business Cards


Business cards have been a large part of business relationships for many, many centuries. The first known business cards were known as “visiting cards” and were exchanged between rulers in 15th century China.

Seven centuries later, business men and women are still exchanging business cards as a primary way to network without technology. But some businesses and tech leaders are suggesting that smartphones and other such devices are slowly usurping the importance of business cards.

The implication is that business cards will be considered defunct over the next few years.

This is definitely a consideration that must be taken into account – with the prominence of social networking as a main contact source for many businesses presently, it would seem as if the business card is no longer a viable way to establish connections with other business owners, customers or other such people. The fact is the expansion of social networking still cycles around the business card as an epicenter of communication.

A post from Franchising discusses this very phenomenon – while technology flourishes, business cards still remain a powerful element of business relationships:

“Surprising as it seems, a piece of heavy stock paper just 3.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide remains a powerful marketing tool in today’s electronic-driven world. ‘Amid all the handheld devices and iPads at meetings, conferences and other events, you still see business cards exchanged with regularity,” said Brian Spindel, co-founder and COO of PostNet.

Business cards are one of those eternal staples for any profession. Your card is the first and lasting impression. Design, stock, color and message all make a difference.’”

In conclusion, while iPhones and Droids sweep the marketplace and are very useful, there is nothing as powerful as handing someone a physical representation of your business. Business cards remain an extremely important part of what you are selling.


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