Tips for Attorney Business Cards

by ryanj on November 19, 2016


Tips for Attorney Business Cards


There are a number of professions where business cards are absolutely paramount to representing your information, but one stands out above – an attorney at law. At any given moment, an attorney may need their business card to give out to someone seeking legal advice or representation. However, lawyers usually make a number of mistakes when designing their cards. If you are an attorney, stay away from these business card features:


Specialized Fonts – You only have a certain amount of space on your business card, so use clear, easy-to-read fonts. Using a script style or too small type can really make it difficult to see all of your pertinent information. Believe me – it may look regal, but it doesn’t mean anything if the potential client can’t find your phone number.

Phone Numbers – Speaking of your phone number, don’t put your toll-free line on your business card. There’s a specific reasoning behind this. If you keep your local numbers on the care, anyone can reach you, which is fine. But if you give the toll-free number out – handwritten – when you meet a potential client, they will feel entitled. This can totally work in your favor, business-wise.

Right the Wrongs – Don’t be cheap if your office has moved or your number has changed. Correct any inaccurate information by ordering new cards – not simply crossing out the old and writing in the new. This looks tacky and won’t impress anyone. Also, you’ll be able to update your business card design as well!

Quality Materials – Don’t use any flimsy card stock – thin business cards don’t command any attention and may imply that you are cheap. Get a high grade thick card stock with the image you want to project. Does rough or smooth stock work for your style? How about the color of the stock? All of these little elements can help your attorney business card.

Business Card Templates:








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