Traditional vs. Virtual Business Cards

by ryanj on November 20, 2016


Traditional vs. Virtual Business Cards


In every sense, it seems as if designing a business card online and/or setting up a virtual business card on social networking sites requires the same amount of effort and time. So what is your deciding factor between the two? I have often said that the connection between these is implicit, especially since the information that both contain is generally the same. However, according to an article from, no one side of the real vs. virtual business card is taking the lead, even though the technology of this age would indicate otherwise.


The story discusses the initial feeling regarding business cards and how they can connect you to potential clients:

“There was a time when business cards used to define a person’s taste. A person carrying a plain business card usually had a plain personality while the most creative cards came from the ones most creative. Sadly, with the arrival of the World Wide Web, people have started trusting social websites for interaction with friends and strangers, making the business cards go out of fashion, albeit slowly.”

Honestly, though, no matter what happens, the business card will always be a tried and true method of communicating beyond just a conversation, especially since the card is less likely to be lost. This is reflected in the words of a journalist quoted in the article:

“Journalist Qasim Moini prefers traditional business cards over digital ones sent via mobile any day. ‘In Karachi, the chances that your mobile might get snatched are pretty high. Hence, if such a thing happens, you lose all the information, your contacts, data and SMS. Having people’s data stored digitally is fine, but it pays to have a hard copy back-up.’”

The key to remember is that people will contact you the way that they choose to. It’s like giving out a toll free number to your business as well as a local line. Some people might prefer calling the toll free number for any number of reasons. This goes the same for business information – give potential customers a great pitch and your information, but make sure they can get your contact the way that they choose.

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