Updating Your Business Card for the Social Media Age

by ryanj on April 4, 2017


Updating Your Business Card for the Social Media Age


You can’t turn on your computer or open a newspaper (online or otherwise) without seeing something about social media sites and how they are sweeping across the world.

Recently, social media powerhouse Facebook just passed the 550 million users mark and is exponentially moving upwards of that figure. Twitter has more than 190 million people checking in with their accounts on a monthly basis. What does this have to do with your business card?


No matter what kind of business you run or service you provide, you need to integrate your physical business card into the digital world. Let’s assume that you already have a Facebook and/or Twitter account for your business. Here are the simplest ways to include this information on your card with minimal changes:

– If you have a Facebook business page and more than 25 fans, it is important that your change your URL. You can do so by logging on to your account and clicking on this link. Just remember – once it’s chosen, you can’t pick a new URL.

– Once you have this url (let’s say it’s facebook.com/exampleurl), put this URL on your business card or put “text Like Example Url to 32665.” Either way, people will be able to ‘like’ your page on a browser or any phone that can text.

– With Twitter, you automatically get a URL with your chosen username. So that’s already set. Using the previous example, put “text FOLLOW exampleurl to 40404.” Now people with your card will be able to follow your Tweets directly from their phone.

In closing, there is no better time to upgrade your business cards to include all of your business’s relevant social information. You will connect in direct ways with consumers in a way that you haven’t before.

It is totally worth a couple of extra lines on your card.


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