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Business Card Templates: Should You Use Them?


If youre starting out on your own, or you already run a small business and want to spice up your business card design, there are a host of Web sites you can use to order new business cards. Most online sites enable you to design your own business card by using business card templates, or you can upload your own artwork. But should you use a business card template to craft your new business cards?

Business Card Templates Can Be A Lifesaver


The biggest advantages to using business card templates are that you can get your business cards printed quickly, without having to worry about major design issues. The templates that are available have already been properly sized for printing, and have been created by designers who are sensitive to color combinations, fonts and text sizes.

If youre not a designer by nature, having business card templates available to you can be a lifesaver. Some templates are set – you simply add your business information and youre ready to go. Other business card templates can be used in a pick-and-choose approach. You choose the colors, but the design elements have already been established.

Full-color templates give you the added advantage of having high-quality, royalty-free stock photography on your business cards. Full-color business cards can help distinguish your card from those of potential competitors. Theyre more memorable and your prospects are likely to look at your cards for a longer period of time. You can also choose full-color business cards that provide imagery thats relevant to your business.

At one time, full-color business cards were expensive to produce. Today, you can get full-color business cards in a matter of days, delivered directly to your door, simply by using business card templates that are available online.

If you need something truly outstanding, you can also get a host of unique business cards that can help you and your business rise above the competition. If youre attempting to establish yourself in a highly competitive field, consider using metal business cards, plastic business cards or some other type of unique business cards to help your prospects remember you. offers a complete line of unique business cards, full-color business cards and business card templates that can help you get cool business cards printed on high-quality stock and delivered to your door in a matter of days.

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